Monday, May 18, 2009

Sitha and Troy's Big Day!!

Warning to all:

There is little snake conversation in this weekend overview blog.

But, there is lots of food, and merriment, and lots of awesome pictures to share.

Joel works with several other PA's in his clinic, and his co-worker, Sitha (who is Cambodian) got married on Saturday.

I have to admit, I know very little about Cambodian culture, so I was very excited to learn we were going to be attending a Cambodian wedding.

So, on Friday, we went to her Hair Cutting Ceremony, which is mostly a good luck, good blessings ceremony with lots of pretty dresses, singing and dancing. I didn't have my camera at the time, but it was beautiful..

Anyway, so on to the wedding. We arrived at 6, as the invitation said. We then sat and waited for two hours while Sitha and Troy greeted all the guests at the door.

They gave us all beautiful orchids, and bowed to us at the door. It was like a procession when you leave church, where the pastor is waiting outside? It was like that, but inside, and with the whole bridal party.

Here is my orchid, with the on the table gift to take home. I think it was potpurri.

And a live band singing Cambodian tunes! (Singer was not photographed...)

And here are Sitha and Troy again, Sitha in a new outfit (I LOVE the dresses...)

And here Joel and I are.. YAY NO BRACES!!!

Now on to the food...

I have to say, I have never had Remy before. I poured a HUGE amount into my glass, assuming it was a lighter liquor. Boy, was I wrong.. Live and learn.

Now let me explain to you why there are so many photos of food. Joel took a lot of them, because it was very interesting, and different, and very pretty!

This was the appetizer platter. Jellyfish, thousand year old eggs, pork in several varieties, shrimp, and squid. Mmmmmmmm.

An amazing soup, kinda like Tom Yum (Thai soup).. It was GONE very quickly..

HUGE prawns and shrimp chips... I loved the chips when I was a kid. What am I saying.. I love them still!

Beef with a really nice eggplant salad on the side. I really enjoyed it!

And the sweet and sour fish. Very tasty for sure.

And the cake! I actually didn't get to taste it, but with all the other food, it was not a huge loss.
And the happy couple again!!

So after all the fun and joy and food coma, Sunday was a very nice kickback day. I cleaned all of the waterbowls in the snake room, which took several hours in the hot sun. I got tanned doing it too! I wasn't expecting that...

But I was also hoping for eggs this weekend, to no avail. I have some chunkers that should be ready, but nothing on the ground yet. Hopefully very soon!

Tommorow will be more snakey for sure, I promise. Have a great Monday, my friends!!

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