Friday, May 8, 2009

Freeky deeky Friday!!

Today has already been a weird day.

I woke up at 4AM, with this uncontrollable urge to find my High School Yearbook.

I tried, sleepily, but I could not.

So now, I am sad. I hope I didn't loose it.

So I go back to sleep, only to wake up late (my alarm either didn't go off, or I slept thru it), and get to work semi on-time.

But its Friday, and there are Pink Donuts with Sprinkles. At least that is something.

So as I drink my coffee and eat my Spinkle (spelling incorrectly for a reason- Sprinkle+Pink=Spinkle) Donut, I reflect that I am chasing eggs that may just not be ready....

As there are still breedings afoot!

My friend G is still getting it on with his girlfriends.

He likes his ladies. And I like that he likes his ladies.

I can't wait for a bevel of female G's. It'll be great!

Anyway, I am off to Vegas for the weekend for Mother's Day. We are going to see Joel's Mom. It'll be fun! Hanging out with friends too, so it'll be a good weekend.

I'll catch ya'll on the flipside.

And Mom, I know you are reading this:

I love you, and Happy Mothers Day. You are the greatest Smoj a gal could have. Sorry I couldn't be there with you on your day, but I'll be there in spirit. Love love love you.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks babygirl. You're a pretty cool daughter to have, too.
Have a good weekend!