Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Renewed and Refreshed, and Egg Count Update

Its back to the grind, and I am trying to get up and at'em.

Yesterday I fed, and again, not a great feeding response from the group. Breeding season is still afoot!

Since I have no egg reporting for today, I wanted to share with you a newly skinned Mabel (so she will be called until Dale says otherwise) the Sable.

If you recall, she arrived in complete blue. I gave her a few days, let her get settled in, and she shed off her old life to begin a new one with me!

Sables are a great morph and I honestly think not enough has been done with them. I am very glad to have a pair in my arsenal.

She looks 100 times better now that she is shed, and I am very pleased with the outcome.

Super Sables, here we come!



Axanthic het Albino to Albino PH Axanthic: 4 Eggs, April 24th lay, 30 days til hatch.
Black Pastel to Normal: 4 Eggs, May 10th lay, 44 days til hatch.
Pied to Poss Het: 7 Eggs, May 15th lay, 49 days til hatch.
Enchi to Normal (TV): 10 Eggs, May 18th lay, 52 days til hatch.
Black Pastel to Normal (Nadra): 6 Eggs, May 19th lay, 53 days til hatch.
POG to Poss Het: 6 Eggs, May 22nd lay, 56 days til hatch.
Pewter to Blurry: 7 Eggs, May 25th lay, 59 days til hatch.
Sable to Normal (Soshie): 9 Eggs, May 25th lay, 59 days til hatch.


Anonymous said...

POGEE going at it boy he isn't Quite a yearling is he Heather I'm super stoked to see his Babies here is to making another POGEE


Brandi said...

Some good looking egg numbers you've got going on there!

what are you still expecting?