Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spotlight on, Mister Camera Man.

I know, I know..

These girls look washed out, way too bright.


Glowing is abounding here still, and these gals all look like sisters in glow. No, they are not related, no they are not the same animal, and no, I didn't fix the photo to change the colors (I have no idea how to).

Isn't it great?

Hopefully you guys can tell more now what people mean by the Glow before they Go. I don't have any comparison pics to upload at the moment, but I may find some tonight to post for tommorow. It is a STARK contrast.

After the excitement of Glows and clean teeth are winding down, I checked on the eggs this morning to make sure I wasn't forgetting something or ignoring a problem.

Nope! They are looking fine.

Countdown to hatch:

Snow Clutch: April 25th lay, 41 days til hatch.
Black Pastels: May 10th lay, 56 days til hatch.

The incubator is a tad bit empty still, and the second one isn't even fired up, but it should begin full swing in June.

Can't wait!!

Anyway, here are a few more of Tim's pics.

I love his Caramel. Hopefully I can add those to the collection soon enough..And his Cinny Female isn't too shabby either :)

Have a fabulous Thursday my friends. The week is almost coming to a close.

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