Thursday, June 2, 2011

Clutch 14- It's getting good!

Well, I have to say, this clutch made me smile.

Clutch 14 is from my 2005 Pastel female that was a huge female from the get go (somewhere around 3000+ grams), and laid a fantastic TEN egg clutch for me yesterday. She was so big that I wasn't expecting her to lay for another few days due to her lack of bulge. But she surprised me, as she was on the watch list, but with no expectations. I'm not upset that they are here at all!

She was bred to my Mojave Spider male, and I have to say I am really excited to see what pops out of this one.

This clutch is the largest clutch I have had this season so far, and I am very glad to see it!
It's a beautiful thing, seeing so many good eggs in a pile. What good luck for the first of the month, eh? Good things keep on coming! 

So of course, I got the box ready, put the eggs in, and now we wait. I am really hoping for some amazing Mojave Bumblebees in this clutch. I have never hatched them here before, so I am excited to say the least! 

Lets hope that this is not the last larger clutch that gets laid here... Fingers cross, my friends. 

Have a great day!

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