Thursday, June 23, 2011

Clutch #21 and Clutch #2 pipping!

I am ashamed to say that I forgot to post up Clutch #21 on the blog. 

I've had Clutch 21 on the ground for several days, since Friday, to be exact.

I even caught the female laying! 

I had these photos, posted them up on the website, and went to the show... and forgot to write about it. 


This Black Pastel female is my original female that I had from the beginning, and she never bred for me until this season. I bought a 1.1 pair back in 2006 and this female was part of that group. She grew up but never big enough for me to want to put her in rotation. Until this season. 

So I caught her in the act, and was cheering her on. 

Four eggs is not too bad. She should have given me a few more considering her age, but I will get her up and running again for next year and see what happens.

Four gorgeous eggs! They are pretty large. I am excited to see what I can get out of this. 
Firefly is the Daddy, so Pewter Fires will be a great option! Fingers crossed. 

And clutch #2 is pipping, just with one head. Looks like the Special was the Daddy on this one. 
Fingers crossed for a few more heads in the next few days!

I did cut them, and there looks like there is another egg with a Crystal in it, but it's not moving (neither are any of the others), and that always gets me nervous. 


Here's to some healthy alive babies in the next few days. 

Have a great day, my friends!

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