Monday, June 13, 2011

Clutch 17 with PICTURES!

So of course, like I said, I was out of town over the past few days... But I have pictures from my friend that helped me while I was gone, so I REALLY DO HAVE PROOF!

This is clutch #17, one of the three Poss het Ghost Poss het Albino that I have been trying to prove out over the past few years. This gal here has been proven het ghost, with obvious reasons. I had a friend ask me if she was a Pastel... No sir, she is not, but she is pretty damned bright and cool looking!

So I decided to breed her to the Albino to see if she was het Albino as well... But I backed her up with the POG, so we will see.

Here is a great picture of the four eggs that she laid, but she also laid a really small slug. So, 4 eggs, 1 slug in this one...

And on we go!

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