Monday, June 27, 2011

Clutch #22 and babies!

Clutch #22 is on the ground, and I am a little annoyed with this one. This Spider girl is the one that gave me eggs last season and all went bad from my Queenbee clutch. 

She gave me five good eggs this season, but not without making the tub absolutely disgusting and laying in her own waste. And of course the eggs are in the waste as well. 

I got them pretty quickly, I think, so here we are. 

And I also have no idea what the heck are in these eggs. 

I bred this female thoughtlessly. 
She was a female that I was debating about giving a year off, so I never wrote on the tub what I put in with her. 


So of all the Mystery clutches I have, this one is the biggest mystery.

 These eggs better survive...
You can kind of see where they were in liquids?
Yeah.. Not happy about that. 

Anyway, here is clutch #1 shed out!

Again, we had 1.1 Pastels, 1.1 Super Pastels, 1.0 Super Pastel Lesser.

They look good, eh?
I will be putting them up on the available page soon.

And Clutch #2 has completely hatched out.
I am not going to call what they all are, because I do want to make sure I'm sure. Shedding is required for this clutch, so that I don't mistake things for other things.

But I did get two female Crystal Thingies, 1.1 Mojaves and 2.0 Thingies.

The reason why I am not calling both of them Crystals (the pink one I am sure of) is because of the color... The one on the right is just much darker and I'm not sure how it will turn out after it sheds. I am hoping its a Mystic Potion, but I'm not completely convinced. And since this is my first hatching of the morph, I am not 100% sure.

The same is being said of the normal looking animals. So I will wait and call them when they hatch out for now. Caution is important for morphs like this.

What do you guys think?

Have a great day, my friends!

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Eventide said...

Well, I have no experience with either, but before I even read that you weren't sure, I thought the two "Crystals" looked different. My first thought was a Pastel Crystal, but the Pastel gene would've been a little obvious in the parents. :P

Something weird seems to be going on with the Mojave on the left (and to a much lesser extent in the one on the right). He has the "ringed" alien head markings like het Red Axanthics, and his pattern is just wacky all around. o.O Really weird!