Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bleh on waiting

Black Pewter
 I am waiting.

Waiting on eggs to be laid, waiting on eggs to hatch, waiting waiting waiting.

This time of year is especially tedious, considering there are many breeders and hobbyists out there already hatching their 7th clutch or something, while I am waiting for my number one. 

Although I shouldn't complain, really. I know other people that are waiting for their first clutch to even be laid...

I know, I know... 

But one incubator is completely full, and the other is waiting for more, and I am waiting and checking in tubs and annoying my snakes.

Pastel Mojave

So what to do while waiting? 
Take requests for photos, and blog topics and sit on my hands and rock back and forth. 

Well, not quite, but idle hands are the devil's playground, and I honestly should not be associating with anyone from The Underworld right now. It's just not kosher...

So I am going to clean like I have never cleaned before, and prepare myself for some interesting clutches and babies and fun things to happen. 


But until then, I am going to ramble on. 

And share random pictures of my snakes.

Have a great day, my friends. 


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