Monday, June 20, 2011

San Diego Reptile Super Show

I had a great time visiting at the San Diego Super Show this weekend. We only went on Saturday, and it was great to see the people that we did!

Of course, I wasn't vending, it was just a social call. I wasn't even there to do any business other than to make an appearance and see some old friends, so it was a great and relaxing time. 

Spent a lot of time talking, but I did bring my camera, and I did take some pictures. 

Here are a few morphs that were at the show that you don't normally see.

I really thought this would be more dramatic, but maybe its just not this one. This is a Mojave Calico. 

This one you may have seen around, the Bumblebee Calico. I really like this combination, and I'm pretty sure a lot of other people do too. 

This here is a bad picture of a Pastel Banana. I really love the Banana stuff, but I can't get into the projects just yet. Maybe soon. I can absolutely drool, however. 

This gal was a Killer Queen Bee. I really love how the colors looked on this one. 
Genetics are Pastel x Pastel x Lesser x Spider.

Some Phantom Potions, perhaps?

And the Killer Clown. I LOVE this guy... Really. One of these days soon.
My Clown needs to man up...

The True Ghost, the Hypo Axanthic. Cool idea for a morph, great looking animal. 

And of course, the Tri-Stripe. 

I like it.

Newest Recessive project in the morph world, so far. Would be cool mixed in with stuff... I hope to see some of that stuff soon. 

So there it is. Again, most of my time was spent blah-blah-blah-ing, so unfortunately, this is all I really took pictures of. 

I had a great time, and the next local show is coming up in August, which I may be vending at if the eggs hatch in time.

So there you go. Happy belated Father's Day to all you fathers out there!

Have a great day, my friends!

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Anonymous said...

i was drooling over that banana pastel too! it was underpriced at 15k in my opinion, regular banana females are around 20k?