Friday, June 17, 2011

Los Angeles has hiking?

Why yes, yes it does. Joel and I had a day off together, and we went hiking in the Angeles National Forest area. Normally when you think Los Angeles, you don't think mountains and hiking, but it does exist, and I brought my camera to prove it.

This area was shut down for more than eight years because of a fire that took place and destroyed the ecosystem, as well as a road closure due to weather and flood issues.  So when it reopened a few months ago, we decided to take a look.

It is rather barren, but I think in a way, it really is beautiful. 
Nature recovering. How much more natural is that?

Here we are overlooking the Los Angeles area, but the area in question is covered by clouds and smog. So really, you can't see that you are in Los Angeles.
And I'm okay with that.

And we brought our trusty steeds... 

Actually, one not so trustworthy. Kona was NOT interested in going over that log. At all...
It took much coaxing and several minutes before she decided it was worthwhile.

We saw some cool wildlife, including this California something something lizard (I have no idea what it was, but it wasn't your typical fence lizard). This guy had no fear, as after I took the photo, we walked right past him and he didn't even budge. Yeah, he watched us with his beady little eyes, but he didn't run away like most of the others did. 
I shall dub him "Ballzy"

Hey look, a deer butt. 
Stupid thing started running away as soon as I took out my camera.

A few other overlooking the area shots...

Some burnt up Manzanita trees that looked like fingers... 
I liked the artistic way it looked.

More overlooks. Yes, we were climbing that mountain, and yes, I wanted to take a few breaks.. So what better excuse than to take some pictures, right?

And although I saw many small wildflowers, this one just caught my eye.
Not the prettiest flower in the world, but pretty none the less.

So I got home, sunburnt and tired, and looked in the snake room. 
Nothing is happening. Booo.

So that is why these photos are here. 

Hope you enjoyed them!

Have a great day, my friends!

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