Monday, June 13, 2011

San Francisco, my Heart...

I left my heart... in San Francisco...
and my some of my family. 
So I went back to take care of some family business, and got to play around in the City during some of that time.

I got to go into the City and take a look at the Reptile Exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences.
And of course, I brought my camera.

I really do love this guys smile. I'm not sure about this guys history, but it is a fixture at the Academy, so if you are in town and want to see an Albino Gator, feel free to visit!

There is a Rainforest Exhibit in the center of the Academy that is absolutely gorgeous, and has free flying butterflies and birds, as well as reptiles and fish in the ecosystem.

The Reptile exhibit was very interesting, but of course, if you go to a reptile show, you can see and touch most of these animals.

I don't remember what this is, but I remember it being pretty cool!

I absolutely love Gaboon Vipers. They are just so cool looking! (I would never own one, but I really do like them)

Joel wanted to go there ever since we started dating, but of course its rather hard to plan it with only having a few days in the area with family.

So we finally got a chance to do it after planning for a while, and it was a good and interesting time.

I really do enjoy the history of this place, but it's natural beauty is also worth admiring.

It is home to a great number of nesting Seagulls. A great number. It was kinda loud outside.

A view from Alcatraz into the City. The bridge in this photo is the Bay Bridge.

A view of the Jail from halfway up the walk

One of the buildings destroyed by the fires of the Indian Occupation.

One of the pieces of history of the Jail building and the Indian Occupation. Can you see the word "Free" in the flag?

Lighthouse... I really like the way this photo turned out.

Inside the jail
I think this was C-D Street?

 Inside one of the cells. 5x7x9. No thanks.

Got a chance to walk around as well in the City, and had to stop and admire this mural on the Woman's Building on 18th street. It spanned both sides of the building, but I only took a photo of this side.

So of course, this isn't all that I will be sharing about my beloved City, but it is for now. 

Have a great day, my friends.

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