Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Some success last night, some not so much.

Here are a couple of photos I managed to snap of the "goings on" in the marital tubs.

This would be my Albino to my het. She is not proven yet, but when those little white and yellow heads pop out... YEAH BABY!

Albinos are awesome. I really really like them. One of my favorite base morphs. They just scream awesomeness.

If you could ignore the green bowl, this is my Axanthic het Albino in with my Albino poss het Axanthic... Let us pray to the Ball Python gods that she is a het and that I will get my Snows this year. I've been working on this project for four years now.. I think I'm due.

And of course, my studly Pied buddy who never has let me down for breeding his girls...

He is currently breeding a female that didn't prove out to be a het last year. Hopefully she will hit it this year. Let us cross all fingers and toes and arms and legs that she is a het... PLEASE.

And of course, these are the only lock ups I saw after almost 24 hours of being in the tubs, which doesn't mean that other action isn't going on... It just means I may have missed it!

So... We keep on trucking, and hope that there are more breedings happening, and that we will have copious amounts of great clutches this year!!

When the next rotation begins, more different breedings will happen, and some may be exciting!!!

Cross all your crossables, pray every day, and let us hope that this season will be a great one!

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