Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's Spinklin!

It's not raining, it's not pouring. It's not even sprinkling. It's Spinklin.

It's so light and almost non-existent that its missing a couple of letters.

What does that mean for me?

It means that there is a chance that some of the boys will start getting more excited for the season!

My one hope is that the Genetic Stripe decides to take it upon himself to use his penes in a way that is beneficial for the reproduction of his species.

Will it happen for sure? I'm not sure. Last night I saw him, and he was getting closer, but no visible locks.

Anyway, in the breedings, there are less opportunities to take photos, so here are more 08's.

This is a Pastel. Basic pastel, no bells or whistles, possibly het for something, but no combo morph. She's still very pretty, but she is the basic pastel morph. YAY PASTELS!

And here is a Pastel Yellowbelly. Can you see the difference??? Its kinda suprising that another basic morph changes the colors so drastically. Much more vibrant yellow, darker blacks, overall better tone... Yeah boyyee.

I love this stuff... How can you not???

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