Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New Day

It's a brand new day!

Granted there is very little that is different here, males are still being paired, females are building, babies are eating, and I am pulling my hair out, but it is a brand new day!!!


Anyway, this photo is of my friend and bitey companion Missy Yellowbelly. That's not her real name, but she was so pissed off that I had to give her some type of acknowledgement. I love this photo. She is mad, and she is showing off her assets as being a yellowbelly.

The real question is, what makes a yellowbelly?

In this photo, you can see the basics.

She has flames and yellow coming from up her sides, mottled black lines at the base sides of her stomach, a generally clear belly (I have one that doesn't have a clear belly, but it is a good indicator), and a good general dark blushed out tone.

Need more? Here's the Hunters Guide to Yellowbellies.

Anyway, here is another photo I didn't get to share of another pairing. My Albino is FINALLY deciding he is not gay, and is turning on the charm this year. I am hoping for lots of Albinos, as you can really not have too many... They are just sexy animals.

Have a great hump day!!!

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