Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Handle yah Bidnezz

Happy Inauguration Day!

I was tempted to not go into work today so that I could watch the Inauguration on television, but I was convinced otherwise. I will be able to watch it on YouTube. (What can't you watch on there...)

Anyway, in the spirit of handling ones bidnezz (Translation: Business), I have posted up a couple of heart warming shots of snake sex that I saw last night.

These two pairings excite me very much, as I will be set for a couple years with these projects if they come to fruition.

First is my Axanthic het Albino male in with my Spider female.

What will this give me?? Spiders and normals both het for Axanthic and poss het for Albino.

People like Albino Spiders, and people love Axanthic Spiders.. I am going to get BOTH! WOOOOOOOT!

This is actually a project Joel told me he liked, as he really liked the Killer Bee Axanthic, so this is the first step towards that goal for him.

And MY project that excites me a lot, the Albino Pied..

Now, this pairing will only produce double hets for Albino and Pied, but in a few years down the road, I will be making ALBINO PIEDS! Those things are SICK! (Super stoked on this one... Really)

So that is the best stuff so far. Hopefully things will start kicking more into gear and more of my more exiting pairings will be able to be photographed.

More to come!

Have a great day!

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