Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Movin' on up... to the East Side...

Last night I moved the boys into their respective girlfriends rooms.

So far the pairings have been:

Pied to poss het (Proving her out for the second year)
Albino to het
Pewter to normal
Sable to normal
Poss het Lavendar Albino to normal (going to loooong route)
Black Pastel to normal
Mojave to normal
Axanthic het Albino to Albino
Pinstripe to normal
G-stripe (who is still not interested) to poss het

I tried the sperm plug on the back of the female with the G-stripe, but so far, I haven't seen any action even with that.. I'm getting worried he may be...a little...confused about his sexuality. Oh well. We'll still keep tryin.

A few good women and men in this photo op.

Above is two 08' animals, a TSK Axanthic and an Albino... SNOWS BABAYY!

This is a female Pinstripe here on loan. She's a hottie for sure!

And here is OG. Pronounced Awguh. She is an Orange Ghost. Get it?? OG? Og?? Orange Ghost??

Sometimes I am just so clever.... (yeah, right)

And here is her future boyfriend who hasn't reached puberty.

My friend, Pee-Oh-Gee. POG. Cause he is a Pastel Orange Ghost.


Thanks Tim, you are a great friend.. Without you, I'd be totally behind on this project. Much love!!!

Have a great day!!!

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