Friday, January 16, 2009

Heather's Herps Mascots of 08'

I've managed to go thru all my photos and pick out the mascots of 08'.

These are the animals that in this past season were produced and have an amazing story behind them.

Let us recap these beauties for those who don't remember.

This is Spotty McGillicutty. He is my first Bumblebee and the only one I have produced so far.. Out of 7 eggs, he was the ONLY bee, and he was not as I had pictured in my mind.

He had far too many spots for my taste, and to be quite honest, I was a little dissapointed with him when he hatched out. But, slowly but surely, I named him jokingly and he is now one of my favorite animals. He was selectively bred to be a stunning yellow with no spots, but at least he got the yellow thing going for him!

And this is Frog... She seems to be a fan favorite, and I know exactly why. This girl hatched out at around 20 some odd grams, and was the runtiest runt I have ever produced. She hatched out with bug eyes as well, which is why I called her Frog. She is a possible het clown, and when she hatched, I didn't think she was going to make it...

But she is now 4-5 months old, and she is going strong! She is still very small, but she is going to be fine. I love this little girl, and she'll be with me forever!

And the pièce de résistance, here is Chipo. Her name means Gift in Swahili, and there is a good reason for it!

Chipo hatched out of a clutch that went horribly wrong. She was one out of three eggs that were good, and her egg was the only one which hatched out anything viable. Her brother was so badly deformed that he died in the egg. The other egg went bad in incubation. So, I pulled this little girl out of her egg, and she was also tiny. I was very concerned for her well-being, and although she looked different, I didn't put two and two together until she got older.

Little did I know that I had hatched out the first of this morph ever, and it was on ACCIDENT!!!

The Normal Mom was not so normal, and gave me my treasure. Chipo is doing amazing now, and will hopefully have some more like her in the spring, if all goes well.

So there are our Mascots of 08'. Let us hope for some other fighters and amazing animals in 09'!

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