Friday, January 23, 2009

Sorry I'm so late

I took the day off to handle my LICENCE PLATES that finally came in!!

I am now officially representing the P Regius here in California!!!!


Its also raining cats and dogs out there, and I am very pleased! I get to spend time with the snakes watching the rains get them all riled up.

This weekend should be a busy one, as there are plenty of things that are going to be happening (Chores for one, running around for another).

In addition to running around at the DMV, I was waiting for a package that came in early! (Wow, Fedex!!!)

These girls are a group that came from Kentucky, and I have to say I am pleased with them very much!

This was a deal that happened two years ago that didn't quite work out as planned, so I had to wait for things to hatch and so forth. I'm happy its done, and happy that these girls are so pretty!!!


Anyway, I am actually on my way out now, and I wanted to make sure to get a blog up for Friday, so have a GREAT WEEKEND everyone, and I will talk to you on Monday!

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