Monday, January 12, 2009

Once upon a time...

It's been a week since we've been back, and I forgot to share with you one of the last stories of Hawai'i.

This is a rock crab, and I'm going to try and segway my way into the story, cause I have no photos of the incident.

It was the last day in Hawai'i and we were on our way home. We flew into Honolulu to fly back to the mainland, and we had a three hour layover. I HATE layovers, but I was tired, so it was alright.

Like tide pooling, I like watching people... So like this crab, trying to hide from everyone in camouflage, I found someone who was trying to hide in the crowd, waiting to board the plane.

Who, you ask???

Why none other than Captain Kirk himself.

I was watching the general public, and I saw an older man in a hat and sunglasses come in the terminal. It was NOT that bright in the terminal, so my interest was peeked. He was accompanied by a blonde woman who appeared to be younger than he. My interest peeked more.

He looked very familiar, so I had to turn and ask Joel. "Hey, is that William Shatner?" He takes a look at me after rolling his eyes, and then looks at the man in question. "He looks somewhat like him" and then turns away to read something.

I'm absolutely 100% positively sure this is him by this point, so I ask a family of people who are sitting across from me. "Excuse me, I'm sorry for interupting anything, but I HAVE TO KNOW... Is that William Shatner over there?"

The man looks over, then looks over at me again... "Yeah, I think you're right"


So I smugly watch as William Shatner gets on First Class with his blonde friend, and I wait it out.

5 and a half hours later, we touch down in LAX.

My friends come and pick us up, and one of the first questions out of their mouths were "Was there anyone on your flight? The Paparrazi are swarming!"


So even though I didn't gather enough cajones or feel rude enough to bother the man, I am 100% sure William Shatner was on my plane from Oahu to LAX.


I think that will be the last Hawai'i story, since it was the last day story anyway...

So yeah, SNAKES!!!

Cleaning is done, moving around is done... Photos were taken!

Last night I moved a lot of things around for growing up, and I feel like things are almost complete!

Here are some of the 08 babies I had moved around.

Yellowbelly (Can't have too many of these...)

Mojave belonging to Rashad!!! (What a hot snake, eh?)

And my elusive Spider, shy silly little girl...

Snake stories to come this week, since I'm sure you are fed up with Hawai'i.


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