Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What a beautiful day!

Today is hump day, congratulations for making it this far!

It is a beautiful sun shiney day here in So Cal! Enjoy it (for those who can)!

I am still suffering from lack of time, and last night spent a bunch of time with my Vision racks trying to set them up perfectly. Tonight it will be setup, moving and cleaning day with a little help from my friends.

I haven't had a chance to actually do the major clean for the New Year yet, so it will be tonight. Hooray.


Anyway, these photos I took of Eric Sandovals Super Sulphur Super Mojave project at the show. He bred a Sulphur Mojave to another Sulphur Mojave to get these animals.

Now the Sulphur is generally considered a Fire at this point. So are they interchangable? I would think so, but I'm sure it depends on who wants to admit it.

The Super Sulphur looks exactly like a Super Fire. Yellow Splotches and everything! (One of my favorite leucistics EVER)

So take it with a grain of salt and name it how you see fit.

And this animal is a possible Super Sulphur Super Mojave. It hatched out with the Super Sulphur, so is related, but a Super Mojave is much more grey in the head, without the black eyes and red pupil. Unfortunately, one must grow it up and breed it out to see exactly what she is.

Whatever she is, she is a hottie.

And today's Hawai'i pics are the flora that I saw.

Lots of pretty things, lots of nice foliage, gotta love it!!!

One of my favorite trees, the Banyan. See the people under it?


Hibiscus in various and sundry shades

Star Jasmine? Smelled amazing.

Plants are so amazing to be able to grow in the middle of desolation.
Ferns in lava rock.

Coconut tree!

Not sure what type of tree this was, but I LOVED IT. Just love the colors...

I love artsy stuff. Makes life fun and beautiful.

Maybe an artsy Snake Foliage photoshoot?

I'm due for some photos after all is said and done of the new stuff and of my old stuff for updates.

Hopefully soon!

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