Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I forgot to mention....


I know I have been back and running, and didn't have a chance to actually put it out there for all of you.

May this upcoming year be full of joy and blessings.

Anyway, I'm still posting a few pics at a time of the show and of Hawaii, so it may look jumbled, but I have plenty of pics to share.

Loved this Tree Boa. Maybe one day...

Lesser Bee.. Sexy creature :)

Super Stripe. I really really really really like this morph. A LOT. But, will have to be something in the future for sure... Look at that price tag.

And an attempt at a Lavendar Albino shot. I think I got the purples pretty well.

And the Champagne. I like it too, but not in love with it. Seems to drown out any other pattern or color morph that it gets blended in to. But, I will have one as well one of these days. Gotta catch them all!

Hawai'i time!

I saw a lot of animals on our trip, and I am focusing today on the NON native animals only. There are a lot of them on the Islands, and actually you cannot bring in any non-native species into the Islands without a permit.

I saw at the airport some of the things people were trying to smuggle in. One of them was a photo of an x-rayed bag with a Ball Python in it!!! I thought that was kinda interesting...

So, I can't go live in Hawai'i. Can't have my snakes... How sad.

Anyway, of my favorite non-natives, I couldn't get enough of the Golden Dust Day Geckos. They are so PRETTY! And they are too cute. I managed to catch a couple of them before we left, and got a chance to see them close up, but let them go on their merry way.

They really liked our condo.

Little baby!!

Love this shadow shot.

And another non-native animal that is thriving in Hawai'i is the Indian Mongoose. They are weird little weasels, and look a lot like blonde ferrets to some extent. They are actually becoming a problem on most of the islands...

Mahalo for reading. More to come!

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