Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh... leftovers...

Last night was feeding night, and I am kinda happy but kinda annoyed at the same time... Some animals are FAMISHED and are eating much more than usual, and some are not eating at all, and I thought I bought less food than I needed.

I was WRONG.

I have a bunch of leftovers, and I really dislike having leftovers, cause I have to put them somewhere until the next meal. What a pain!

Oh well.. Now I know I can cut the feed bill in half and be alright...

I'm removing the boys tonight to be able to rest up for next week. Hopefully I can figure out a good way to make the G Stripe interested.

This is my current breeding struggle, as I am really dissapointed at this point... He was a highlight this season, and he isn't COOPERATING! How hard is it to give in to temptation??? For me, not too hard... Oh well.

Anyway, the photos in order at the Pastel Yellowbelly, my weird CH Dinker that I got a long time ago (she's not the best eater, but she is HAWT), and my Pied.

I'm trying to come up with something clever for the next week to highlight breedings.. Any suggestions??

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