Friday, January 9, 2009

Thank God It's FRIDAYYY!!!

Last night I finally finished overhaul cleaning!!! Did it all by my self too. Took another 3 hours, and my lungs are full of sani-chips, but I did it!!!

Isn't it pretty??? Did it all by myself. I'm not really done, but I'm done enough for last night. Just need to sanitize some tubs and move some people around, and then I'll be golden!!!

Thank god it's Friday too! Means I have the weekend to putter around, which I haven't had a chance to do in a LONGGG time. First time this year, in fact.

Anyway... Let me introduce you to a guest here at Heather's Herps. This is my friend Kat Calderala's Caramel Albino Ball from Central Valley Pythons.

She has graciously allowed me to borrow her studly male to put to my two poss het females this season. I AM STOKED. This is one of the first recessive morphs I fell in love with back in the day. He is PERFECT. No flaws whatsoever. I'm hoping that is the case in his progeny too!

Sexy sexy sexy beast... Really.


Anyway, I saved this Hawai'i story for the end of the week, cause to be quite honest, it's HILARIOUS. Some of you may have known when I got back (or when you saw me at the show), that I had a bruise and some scrapes on my forehead. Let me explain.

Once upon a time, I was coming back to the condo from a beautiful day of Hawai'ian adventure. It was dark, and it was also time to go home... We were driving up the freeway (which is only two lanes, by the way, one way each...) when all of a sudden a red car passes us on the opposing lane, driving very slowly, flashing his emergency lights.

I look and wonder if the man needs help, or if he is a mass murderer setting a trap, but as we were both driving on, he continues slowly on his way.

So, with that, we turn the bend in the road. What is this???

It appears that a tree has fallen over both lanes of the freeway, and is unpassable. THAT is what the red car was trying to tell us.. Ohhhhhhhhh. (Phew!)

So we call Emergency Services and let them know, and they tell me to get out and warn other cars behind us. I get out, and some people on the other side of the freeway gets out as well. We evaluate the situation..

It is KILLER AVOCADOS!! (You can see them on the road) The tree is an Avocado Tree with another tree that fell. Two trees, fallen on the road, very impressive and heavy and in the way.

So some people decide to take matters into their own hands and try and clear the road. I'm all gung-ho and get involved after taking a couple of photos..

Joel decides to help with his flashlight and a gentleman using a blunt rusted machete someone had in their truck. Guy was hacking a branch to no avail, but there needed to be light to try, right??

Anyway, in my fit of Gung-ho-ness, I decide to help three men push a branch out from the base of the tree. Mind you, this is a BIG branch, not even the four of us could bend it much. I was closest to the axis where the branch meets the trunk, and for some reason, no one told me that the other three guys were going to STOP TRYING after a bit. I was the only one pushing, and it comes FLYING back at my head.


And thus, the damage to my head. It hurt like a Mo-fo for a couple of days. I still have residuals today.

Anyway, an hour goes by and the tree is finally cleared on one lane of the freeway, so we go on our merry way. Getting home and taking pictures of Heather's injury. (Thanks, Joel)

That's my story. How can you NOT share something as wierd as that??

With that weird story done, here are some more pretty normally associated with Hawai'i photos. Enjoy.

I did manage to smuggle a Ball Python into Hawai'i. AND, I took it back with me.. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Have a great weekend, my friends. Enjoy it, cherish it, love it. See you next week!

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