Thursday, January 8, 2009

Overview of cleaning

So I was discussing with my friend Lewie. I said "You know, I post alot about cleaning (just a sentence or two), but I don't think people really realize the time and immensity of the process. Lets take some blog pics."

So I did.

I know I have posted some of my racks before, and here they are again, with another rack smooshed in there somewhere, but just the dirty tubs and amount that I have, it takes me around 3 hours to get things done if I'm just feeding and watering. We didn't finish last night, by the way...

Dirty... Eeewww

Kinda clean, kinda...

Lewie putting sani-chips in a tub for the rack we just built. YAY HELP!

So I'm not done. No way.

But, we got the rack in there, and I will be continuing on my quest for perfection tonight. Wish me luck.

Anyway, since it was a very active night last night, today's Hawai'i is the volcanic activity day!

This is the crater. There is an active lava pool where the steam is coming from.

One of my favorite pics, sun setting on a lava flow dropping into the ocean. The steam is oceanic water being boiled away and you can see it for MILES away.

Case in point. This was from the car... MILES away.

Sun setting, lava blowing up, beautiful colors. Enjoy.

Good night moon...

I love the world. So many interesting things happen around it. Nature is awesome. :)

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