Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My long term project: Killer Bee Axanthics

Since they are finally out of Q, I took some pics of a pair of my new favorite Pastels that I got from my friend Kelly out in Florida.

The girls are sisters (maybe half sisters, I'd have to go back and check), and they are so cool!!! Why, do you ask, are they so cool???

They are a part of my Killer Bee Axanthic project that will take me forever, but that I am excited about doing!!!

They are Pastels poss het Axanthic. So in the spirit of being poss het, I put them next to an Axanthic in these photos to maybe get more Het into them???

Give me two more years and I will be all over proving them out... I can't WAIT!

Anyway, Males are in with females again.

This weeks pairings are:

Axanthic to Albino
Pied to poss het
Albino to het
G Stripe to poss het
Enchi to normal
Mojave to normal
Pinstripe to normal
Pastel to normal
Sable to normal
Black Pastel to normal
Pewter to normal

I didn't get too creative this week. Gotta get those girls going!

Anyway, have a great day!!!

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