Monday, January 5, 2009

Show overview and Story time!!!

So, this weekend was so MUCH FUN!!!!

I don't care that I was exhausted from my trip, but we had a blast at the Reptile Super Show in Pomona over the weekend.

Nothing better than getting back from vacation to be dropped right into the thick of Snake-y-ness the next day.

I went both days, and we had a get together at the house that Saturday night as well.

Didn't get much sleep since we got back, but you know what, it was totally worth it.

Kona coffee this morning, and I am GOLDEN!!!

Anyway, here are a couple of pics.

Super cool Iguana. Sailfin, I believe.

A bunch of cool morphs produced by Eric Sandoval.

General view of the show.

Nancy of Tangerine Gecko, as well as Tim and Liza of Royal Morphz.

PARTAAAY! My snake room :) I'm in there too.

Fire Skink. These things are (no pun intended) HOT!!!

Albino Spider Ball

Beaded Lizard. Too cool!!!

Anyway, we had a great time, saw a lot of old friends (WOOT!), met a few new ones (Hiyah Vic! It was great to meet you!), and although we didn't pick up anything, we have a few loaners now in possession that will be introduced later on.

Now, I promised a story of Hawaii, as there are plenty. I will make this one short, since I already have put up a lot on the show this weekend.

We went to Punalu'u (Kona's famous Black Sand Beach) to enjoy the sights.

This spot was famous for seeing Green Sea Turtles. We saw some!

This is my friend Charlie that wouldn't grace us with its presence for more than a second out of water...


This is a beached turtle that was basking. I didn't name it, but I did get some really cool shots of it. It was amazing!!!

Don't cry... It's not over :) It'll be alright.

Anyway, that is one of the many stories I have, and will share within the next week or so. Hope you are all handling the Monday well. Have a great day!

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