Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Its Monday, and it is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day.

I try and observe the specific days for most holidays, so if it is a holiday celebrated in the US, I will try and acknowledge it!

I like the fact that it was CAKE to get to work this morning, with barely any traffic, and even extra time to get Starbucks! WOOOT!

Last night I put the pairs back together, and this week the Enchi was in the rotation (he was in shed last week), so here he is in action just a few hours after being put in with a lady!

And my Pewter boy, as small as he is, is raring to go too.. No time wasted for this guy...

So this week the pairings are:

Pewter to Normal
Enchi to Normal
Axanthic het Albino to Spider
G-Stripe to poss het
Albino to het
Pied to Albino
Mojave to Normal
Poss Het Lavendar to Normal
Black Pastel to Normal
Sable to Normal

Pinstripe is in shed. Of course...

POG is out of the running still. Little guy has no swimmers. Oh well.

I have been toying with the idea of running a Pastel thru some of the Normals too, but I don't personally need any, so is there a good reason to make any more? I dunno...

Anyway, in last weeks photo session, my precious Enchi female, the only one from last year, was in shed, so I finally got a good picture of her to post up. She is HAWT!!!

I can't wait for more of them this year... I'm keeping back like... 10!!! (Not really)

Anyway, enjoy your vacation day if you get it, and get ready for TOMMOROW!!!

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