Monday, August 17, 2009

A Brand New day, Brand new Snakes!

The past few weeks have been very productive, and I wanted to show off some of the babies and new comers.

The first of which I just received from my good friend Colin Weaver. Since we all know I missed out on my Sterling in the Pewter to Pastel clutch, I decided I needed one, and Colin just happened to have one lying around. So, things were discussed, and now he is MINE!! I am so incredibly excited to have him here, as he is my first triple co-dom morph I own!

He is a STUD and I am so excited to plug him in to some of the females over here. YAY!!!

And I know I mentioned the Pin clutch which hatched over the weekend. They are OUT and here are the results. That tiny egg? Well, it hatched out a tiny male normal, and he is only 38 grams hatched out! This is not the smallest animal I have ever hatched out, but its pretty small.

He is actually bigger than the twins...

And here he is right next to his brothers. Another sausage fest...

And here is an Enchi from the Enchi clutch that just hatched. This is the only female, and she is sticking with me. I love Enchis, and she should grow up to be a HOT animal.

And, one of my more exciting clutches of the season hatched out with GREAT results.

1.2 Spiders het TSK Axanthic 50% het Albino
1.2 Normals het TSK Axanthic 50% het Albino

I am SET on my Spiders for the Axanthic Killer Bee Project. And maybe even Snow Spiders!!! Oooooooohhhh!!!

I did try for Pastels het Axanthic, but the female didn't take, so we will be waiting a year on that one. Plus I have poss hets, so I'm not too upset.

More animals to come soon.

Plus, for my friend Chris, I will be debuting my snake room again for your viewing pleasure. I reset some stuff up, its nice and clean, and I have empty tubs!! Which means a reorg is in order. Always fun!

More to come soon!

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Chris Ray said...

Thanks Heather, can't wait to see it. Congrats on getting the sterling, he's a beauty.