Thursday, August 13, 2009

Super or not so Super?

Well gang, I am at a crossroads once more, and this problem isn't even really that big of a problem persay, but I am unsure.

Just as I like to wait to claim morphs before they come out of the egg, I do the same with some animals before they shed. The color change in some of the animals is DRASTIC, so I am hesitant to call the last Pastel out of the Pewter to Pastel clutch a Super.

Wanna see why?

Here you go.

This is Pastel from another clutch shed, with the obvious Super Pastel, with the questionable Pastel.

And both side by side from the same clutch.

The reason I am having such a hard time is the head coloration, and compared to the obvious Super, there is much less blushing and flames. But it is also obvious it is better looking than the basic pastel...

So, we will wait for a shed, or for someone to chime in and say "Heather, you are lame.. It's totally a ______"

I am holding out hope its really a Super Pastel. Wishful thinking??? Maybe. I am inclined to have that from time to time.

And here is the clutch in its entirety!

And the Mojaves...

And hey, I got more Enchis!!!

And like last year, where Heather was thinking her first Enchi ever, from a mixed clutch, was a Pastel... Here we go again.

I'm hopeless.


Jackie M. said...

I think you are OBVIOUSLY stuck with an "awesome pastel, possible super"! Duh!

Kyle Frost said...

It's a Really Pastel