Thursday, August 20, 2009

Snake Room Tour

Well, I'm here in San Francisco, and its been lovely to have some time with family..

But of course, after the Silver Bullet disaster, I have been a tad bit worried about my newest baby boy.

I've called Joel twice so far to check on him, last night and this morning, and it seems that everything is fine.


I am very relieved, and it seems like he is having no problems... So, I'm going to stop worrying and relax a bit more, but of course, still worry a little bit.

Anyway, I promised a Snake Room Tour, and here it is.

This is the view from the entrance.

As you can see, I have several different brands or types of racks in my room. I have Vision racks, Jasons Jungle racks, Boaphile racks, and some racks that I'm not even sure what they are.

I use the Herpstat Pro thermostats, as I find that they are great for monitoring more than one rack at a time (four, to be precise), and that they take up much less space as four seperate ones. They are also a better buy for your money compared to buying four seperate machines. I really like them alot, and I have several.

If you notice, I also have some trinkets from friends. I always love the little snake gifts I get, and they have a place in the snake room as well.

And this is my holdback baby rack, with my little colony of rats.

This is my workstation, right next to my baby rack, which at this time is almost completely full. Those racks are Boaphile baby racks, and I absolutely love them! They are great, and I can trust them to care for my little ones.

And below is another set of racks to the right of the work station. A vision rack and a Boaphile rack. Both excellent racks for what they offer. Vision for movability, air flow, and space saving, Boaphile for snugness and dark spaces. I have some of my trouble feeders in the Boaphile, and they eat much better in snug dark spaces, so the rack works perfectly.

And here is one of my incubators, the Big Apple Herp. I have two this year, and I already need another!!! Maybe next year I will get another one, or invest in something much larger, but these incubators can hold 12 6qt tubs each.

And my work board, which is usually covered with plans for breeding, is now empty for the time being, since we are still hatching things out. I also have my good luck charm given to me by my friend Andrea, as well as my Ball Python Calendar from Exotics by Nature. Inspiration, of course.

And the Welcome to my Zoo sign? Well... kind of appropriate, don't you think? I got it in New York at the Syracuse Zoo a few years back. I love it!!!

Anyway, that is about it. I have not so much space anymore, and I am already full to capacity in this room for now, but that is why we reevaluate and such. I need to figure out a way to get a few more things in there.


Maybe later.

Hope you enjoyed it, and please, if you have any questions, please shoot me a comment!


Chris said...

Thanks for the tour Heather, Looks like an awesome setup to me. I think I've got to have some of the Boaphile Baby racks too. Now I'm jealous.

Jake Lammers said...

Good tour...It looks like you work pretty hard with them snakes