Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Silver Lining

I hope you guys all made it out last night to check out the Perseid Meteor Shower. Since I live in the Los Angeles area, it was tough to find a place to see stars at all, but Joel and I drove up to the mountains with everyone else in LA, and sat out there watching the skies from 10:30 until 1AM. It was awesome, albeit bright and loud (YAY Teenagers!), and we didn't see the supposed 80 streaks per minute, but it was thoroughly enjoyable. I'm a bit tired, but we press on.

Well... I missed out on the Sterling (Super Pastel Cinnamon). I was actually getting my hopes up, and I was wrong. What was in that egg, you ask?

A Pewter! 2.0 so far, so now I got my boys in order.

And I did get my Super Pastel. First one I have ever produced. She's a hottie!!

So in the Pewter to Pastel clutch, it looks like I will be getting another Super, a NORMAL, and a Cinnamon. Hey!!! I can hit on the Normal, but I can't hit on the Sterling??

Of course... Thank you, Odds Gods, for sticking that in my craw.

The Mojaves are hatching, and it looks like four of them. 2.1 so far, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the female. She is totally staying with me. Look at that stripe!!! Funky fun fun!

And the two boys that decided to come out last night. They are looking goooood!!!

So all in all, nothing to sneeze at. I got a few things I wanted, albeit not all of them. I am very pleased with these past few clutches, and the last Pinstripe to Normal clutch is pipping with... Pastels in them!


That Pastel has Olympiad sperm. I hope that there is at least one Pin in there.

Note to self: Stop backing up Co-dom breeders with the Pastel, cause the Pastel WILL win.

It's off to go redo the snake room, my friends. Enjoy the day!!


Kelli said...

super pastel looks AWESOME! actually all the snakes look great, i'm just partial to pastels :]

Anonymous said...

More pics of the super pastel please!!

Jamie said...

They all look perfect!