Friday, August 14, 2009

Mojos, Tiny eggs, and Stripes!!

Well, I sometimes forget how much I really like Mojos. I think the last batch of Mojos came out KILLER. So, I took some pics of them. These are the two boys, and boy were they wiggly! Gotta love it.

And yesterday, the Pinstripe clutch that I had pipped. Now, I wouldn't normally take pics of eggs pipping, but this was a clutch that when I got the eggs, I was a tad bit concerned. See why? The only normal sized egg is the one on the far right.

I hadn't had such small eggs before, and although I didn't doubt the viability of them, I was kind of curious what would come out.

And for size reference.

But they are all doing fine, and the smallest egg has a beautiful normal that when hatched will be scrutinized just for kicks.

And one of the Pins in the clutch came out. He is a handsome boy, thats for sure. Seems like the stripe stayed stripey thru the generation, and I am pleased with that.

And, one of my more important to Heather's projects clutch, the Spiders het Axanthic poss het Albino are arriving!!!

This one is the only one out so far, and it is a beautiful girl. I am so pleased to have her here!!! Now, if only the other two Spiders would come out so that I can say Hi....

And the weekend is upon us, my friends. It will be a weekend of babies galore, and new animals, and fun times!! I am also gearing up for Anahiem as well, so its going to be a fun ride!

Have a great weekend!!


Spygirl said...

Lovely mojos! And I'm really digging that spider.

Jackie M. said...

So how much did the tiny-egg normal end up weighing?