Tuesday, August 18, 2009

White and Gold

So the clutch of Pieds have shed out, and they look amazing! I am actually somewhat partial to more pattern than white, so I really enjoy being able to see the bright oranges and stark white contrast on the Pieds that I hatched out.

And the twins even have the orange from the ringers!!! How rad is that??

They hatched out at 28 and 29 grams, and are now getting ready for their first meals. Mice pups more than likely, or maybe rat pinks if I can find them... Going to be fun starting these girls!

And the gals... Since the Male Pied is going to a very excited Daddy in New Jersey, I decided to let him showcase it on his own blog. I'm glad you love him, Mr. Glass!

So the lone female is the one I am debating about putting up for sale. She is lower white, which I love, but I can't really rationalize keeping ALL of the females in the clutch. She looks like her Daddy. She is awesome... Hmmmmmmm..

And the two on the bottom, well, those are sticking with me. My Pied girls that I produced FINALLY!! WOOHOO!! I am very excited to have these gals.. I have a serious holdback group this year, and these are at the forefront.

So I'm hoping to be able to prove out the other Pied sister by the first of the month. Lets cross our fingers for her as well.

I am actually going to be going out of town from Weds until the weekend to visit family, but I will still be getting the blog done. I think the snake room will be debuted on either Thursday or Friday, only cause I already have the photos, and need to save them for a day where I can't take snake pics.

Have a great day, my friends..