Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have been having some wierd pipping times for some of my clutches, and this one is no exception. This little boy Black Pastel emerged from the egg more than a week prior to his supposed pipping date. They were supposed to hatch at the beginning of next month! The rest of his siblings (Black Pastels and Sables and Normals) are all still in the egg, but all pipped!

I am assuming that because I am running my temps a tad bit hotter than last year, that the eggs have decided to mature faster. Its rather interesting, as this clutch wasn't supposed to be on the radar until the end of this week. I'm glad I checked in on them!

This is the last clutch that hatched, and it hatched on Sunday when I got back from Nor Cal. Seems that one of my poss het Albinos didn't prove out quite, but with two eggs, I can't really rule her out one way or the other. At least we got 1.1!

And of course, I love me some Enchi. This female is one of my hold backs from the past Enchi clutch. She doesn't look like much now, but she will grow into her colors, and really start popping!

Enchis tend to do that, and I find it to be really interesting. Most of the time the babies are the hotness, and the adults are not as great. This morph does the opposite! I will get some pics of my yearling Enchi holdback from last year to compare. Should be fun!

Anyway, things should be pipping and hatching very soon again in a large wave, as there are three clutches due on the same date. Proving out more poss hets here, my friends, so lets cross all our crossables that everything works well!!!

Getting excited to see what may come out. COME ON BABIES!! EMERGE!!!

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Chris said...

More beauties! Now if I could only win the powerball jackpot.