Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why Womas?

I just added to the morph list here....

This is my first Woma.

Does it look familiar?

Looks a lot like a spider, doesn't it?

I really like Womas, but I hesitated in getting into them because, like the Spiders that I have, I hate SPOTS. Most people who produced Womas made them with spots on them. So I waited.. and waited to find the perfect Woma for me.

And I think I found her. And apparently, this female may be the NERD special gene Woma... Her father was, or something like that. If it does, then super extra awesome for me, but.. I like her as she is already. She has some really cool blushing on the sides in her black parts, and I am not even sure what to do with her, but maybe I could get her a date in a few years with the Pastel Yellowbelly? See what pops up, eh?

So yay for that!

And here is the last clutch to hatch recently, although we have pippings and sorts all over the place again, but here is the last complete clutch to hatch.

I bred a dark girl to the Sable and the Black Pastel. Seems the Sable had stronger stuff.

They looked very similar in the egg, but I got one Black Pastel and three Sables. Was fun watching them pop out and be like.. Ohhhhh! You were not what I thought you were.

Anyway, I'm off to do chores today, and to get things ready and set for the coming show in a week. I know I keep saying that, but hey... its a big deal!!!

Have a great day!


f1trey said...

what IN the WORLD do you do???

Krystal said...

I love Womas, though the main reason I got one was to make NERD's awesome Lesser Woma with the bright dorsal stripe. The day after I bought her, I discovered that only the hidden-gene Womas produce those and the soul-sucker. Bummer. Oh, well. I still like the morph. Plus, I can still shoot for a Woma Axanthic!

The Woma I bought was also the perfect one for me. She has a fantastic head pattern that I hadn't seen in any other Woma.

Can't wait to see what your Womas turn out!

Chris said...

Wow, what a wonderful woma.