Monday, August 31, 2009

What a Lovely Weekend

This weekend has been a suprise, a joy, and a hellofaweekend.

I hatched out animals I didn't expect to get at all, I made a mistake about a clutch, and I had an adventure. Lets discuss the adventure first.

We spent Sunday with a lot of friends, and had a nice afternoon hanging out in Marina Del Ray. It was a beautiful and HOT weekend, and why not spend it cooler near the water?

So we went walking, and ran into a little concert on the pier. The elderly people really liked the big bang music, and they started dancing! Blue leggings was grooving! I was worried she was going to hurt herself, but she kept on trucking. You go, girl!

The water was beautiful...

We were tempted to take a boat out.

I heart Pelicans.

Hey look! A Crab!

Hibiscus in many shades

Later in the evening, we spent some time at Griffith Observatory taking photos of some friends for their engagement, as well as some of the area. I didn't take the pics, but I was there as moral support, as well as got some pictures taken as well. I will share some when I get them.

Anyway, these are the photos I took.

Wondering about the Fires? Yeah, they doubled in size last night. And we watched as it did.

I need to clean my lens.

And the Sunset...

Pretty, eh? Yeah, it was.

So Snake wise, I had some issues. I thought one of my Genetic Stripe females proved out, and I was super stoked!!! Problem is, what actually happened was that someone (more than likely me) switched the tub tops that had the ID of the clutch inside with another clutch that happened to have Pinstripes in it. In the egg and when you only see the back of the animal, Pinstripes kinda look like G Stripes. But... They came out of the egg, and I was sorely disappointed.

So again, my third poss het G Stripe female has yet to prove, but I did get some kicking Pinstripes!

And, my Normal to Enchi clutch hatched out with Plessers! I didn't expect the male to have bred with anything, but apparently... He was doing his job. I got two normals, two of what I think are Pastel Lessers, and an Enchi. I LOVE the Pastel Lessers, aka Plessers.

The Enchi is hot too!

I ADORE this girl. She is fantastic!!!

And her Sister

And the whole clutch.

And let us not forget the Pied clutch. Two Pieds out of Five. 1.1 and 1.2 hets. Not too shabby!

So it was a good weekend. Many more snakes hatched out, it was hot and beautiful, and time is ticking away for the show. Can't wait!

Have a great day!

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