Monday, August 3, 2009

Hets, Hets and More Hets

So, I think my luck has run a bit more towards evening the score.

First clutch to pip was G-stripe to PH.

All Hets.

At least it was 2.2 though. I can't complain on the sex ratio.

And then, my Axanthic het Albino to Het Albino...

All Hets.

1.2 are out, one more in the egg.

So far, there is another clutch of Albino to het pipping.

One head out. Normal.

Am I dissapointed? Well.. A little. I would have liked an Albino het Axanthic, but these are the breaks. I know people out there want Albino females. So we will have to wait and see what happens.

And it doesn't help to sit around and watch the eggs. As much as I tried with my mind, it did not make them pip faster. So, we went out to the beach, and had some fun. Here are some pics Lewie from Kesslers Kreatures took while we were walking around.

I like Summer time. I just don't like the hot.. I should move to the beach.

So... we wait and enjoy and try not to think about the eggs pipping, cause opening up the incubator more than 20 times a day is more than likely not helping.

I need a hobby to distract me from this one.

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twistedtails said...

I thought it was just me that checked on my animals that many times a day. Now I don't feel so wierd....Thanks Heather!