Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Impatient for more pippings

So, I'm not sure if I have mentioned this, but there are FOUR clutches pipping or due to pip today and tommorow.

Three of which are already pipping, pipped or hatched.

The first of which is the Genetic Stripe to Poss Het clutch.. This is the second clutch of the season, and I have NOT hit on a G Stripe yet.

Five eggs, five hets.


G Stripes were one of those recessives that I really wanted to hatch out this year, and now, I'm debating whether or not to count these females out as hets? Cause this is visual to possible het, and there should be HALF visuals in the clutch.


Of course, I will try them again next year. No big deal. I just wish I had closure already. Its hard to think, Hey, they are not visuals, but Maaaaybe... just maaaybe you missed the odds.

So yeah. Next year for these gals.

And as for the other clutches, there is a Mojave to normal clutch pipping with two mojaves so far with heads out. Six eggs... Four pipped? We shall see by tommorow what the rest of the clutch brings.

And the third is the Pin to normal clutch, which has shown no signs of anything yet. No action.. Hopefully by tonight.

And the last... the coupe de resistance.. Pewter to Pastel.

Six eggs, three pipped. COME ON STERLINGS. One animal has already pipped and come out. Looks like a Pewter male. So hey, now I have a Pewter male to add to the mix. Alright!!! There also looks like there is a Super Pastel, and since I have never hatched out a Sterling before, there is something in the egg that may look like it, but I honestly don't know for sure.

Lets hope they come out soon so that I can say exactly what they are.


Krystal said...

Congrats on the Pewter! That really stinks about the G-stripes, though.

This is so exciting! And they aren't even my snakes!!! Man, I can't wait 'til my first clutch next year....

Jamie said...

You are killin it this year. I am jealous as hell!