Friday, August 28, 2009

"Pied" is not pronounced "Peed"

Whenever I think Pied, this story pops into my head.

I was at a show a few years ago, and I was helping out a friend. He had some really killer pieds on the table, and I was standing behind the table where they were, kicking it, enjoying the view, enjoying the snakes and so forth.

So I was helping a customer, finished, and this huge burly guy with another slightly smaller but still burly guy come up to me. I ask them if I can help them, and they say that they are just looking. I said, well, if you want to see anything, let me know.

A few minutes goes by, and the bigger dude comes up to me and says "'Scuse me, but can I see that Peed in the box right there?"

I am taken aback.. Not really sure what he is trying to say.

I say "You want to see the what now?"

He looks at me seriously and says "the Peed" and points to the Pieds. His friend nods, and says "The Peed right there", pointing to a high white one.

I look back at them, my face aquiver, trying not to laugh, cause as I pointed out, this dude is a pretty big guy.

I say "No problem!!! But for the record, its pronounced 'Pie-D'" and get ready to move out of the swing of their arms lest he decide I was trying to offend him.

He looks at me curiously for a second, then starts bursting out laughing. He then explains that he only has seen them on the internet, and just assumed the pronounciation from that.

We both have a chuckle, and his friend thinks its the funniest thing ever. I take out the Pied, show them both, explain the basic genetics, and after the experience, they wistfully walk away, telling me they wished they could afford it.

There ends the story.

Anyway, the Pieds are hatching, and 3 out of the 5 eggs are empty. Looks like I got one male Pied, and two female hets. Alright!!

Here is the male. He's pretty low white, but to be honest, I love the orange on the sides, and I really do believe it makes for a prettier adult animal than those that
have a whole section of white.

This male even has an orange tail tip! Yay Orange!! I should market him not as low white, but as high orange. Maybe that will get someone excited about it!

One more Pied in the egg, and one more Het, and then we wait for the other clutches to hatch.. Patience, Heather... Peeds are on the way!


Chris said...

Sweet! I like the ghostly Jack-O-Lantern face near the bottom of his tail.
Hope ours turn out that nice some day.

Jackie M. said...

Oh, he's so perfect. Must... pay... for... pewter... must... not... buy... male... pied....

(Did you see the orange '09 girl Matt Oakley has for sale? You should trade him for something and breed that girl to this boy.)