Friday, August 20, 2010

Another week goes by....

And I haven't gotten half of what I wanted to get done, done.

I am really rather annoyed with that prospect.

I have not been able to set up tubs for the newly shed animals yet, I have not been able to get everyone completely cleaned up and ready for photos, I have just not had enough time to do everything I want to get done.

There needs to be more hours in the day, my friends.

And this is not to say that I am neglecting my animals... oh no, that is not the case at all.

I just don't have enough time to take photos and come up with clever ideas for the blog as much recently, and I apologize profusely. I hope I am not boring you all to death out there in internet land.

This weekend my Mother, the Smoj, is coming into town. I hope to be able to have things relatively set up and clean by then, but it seems like, due to summer and every weekend being full of fun things to do, I may not get a chance.

But she's my mother. I'm sure I'll get a tongue lashing if it isn't.

Motivation, then?

Yes indeed.

I just need to see where I can squeeze in the time.

Is it just me that has this problem? I kinda hope not.

I know you all know that I work full time on top of the snake stuff. I usually manage very well to have a good balance between the two, as they are both full time jobs.

Plus, it being summer, BBQs and Parties, and fun things to do, places to go, people to see, THAT, my friends, is where the problem really is.

Bring on the Fall, baby.

Fall is my favorite season, actually. Not too hot, not too cold, and the leaves change, people get cuddly, things are calmer and more enjoyable.

And tomorrow is Daytona, the beginning of the Reptile Show circuit. I look forward to being able to report back with some photos from other people that I know are going (if I can count on them to share photos with me), and have some info to share.

This is not guaranteed, however, as it is mainly dependent on other people... And I'm sure you know how that works out.

Let us hope.

I will, however, be attempting a trip to Tinley this year again. I am trying my damndest to make it happen.

I will be taking time to get into the snake room and take some photos, move snakes around, update the available page (which I am absolutely aware is lacking), and get things GOING, my friends.

Again, I apologize for the delay. Life tends to get in the way sometimes...

Have a fantastic weekend, my friends.

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Jackie M. said...

S'okay! You can just keep taking pictures of your pastel pied and hatching freaky what-are-the-odds? clutches, and we'll be entertained!
We're easy to entertain.

Keep your mother happy.