Thursday, August 19, 2010

Snake Keepers

So I have been out socializing recently, and I have to say, more people that you would think have snakes and reptiles.

Why did this come up?

Well, I was in Los Angeles for an event, and a person working there asked about my ring.

Me and my fat fingers were flattered, and I explained to her that I not only love this ring, I wear it every day, and it holds a special place in my heart.

She asked me why, and I responded that I work with snakes.

The conversation ensued with what I did, how, where, why, etc etc, and then she shared with me that she had had two rosy boas previously, and they met their untimely demise at the hands of a person who was snake sitting at the time, with an oversized live rodent.

I was surprised, as this lady didn't seem the type to be having snakes, persay, but who am I to judge, eh?

I also found out on Facebook that one of my old High School buddies, who returned from the war, had just gotten a Jungle Carpet Python, and had had one before.

He was not someone I would have thought to have had snakes.

So I thought....

Do I look like the typical snake keeper?

Now that again begs the question, what is the typical snake keeper supposed to look like?

Teenage male living at home?
Scruffy bearded man who lives in a shack at the edge of town?
Tattooed woman who rides a motorcycle, and lives for danger?

Now, let me say that I have met all of these people.

And they don't even scratch the surface of what a snake keeper is.

A Snake keeper is a pet owner. A lover of snakes. A giver of rodents and water and shelter. An assister of shedding and eye cap removal. A feces and urate cleaner-upper.

A Snake keeper is me, you, and probably more people out there than you would think.

And that is fantastic.

Spread the good word, my friends.

Have a fantastic day!

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