Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More hatchings

Well, I lied, apparently.

These guys hatched out on Tuesday..

We have here Black Pewters het Ghost, as well as Pastels and Black Pastels het Ghost and Normal het Ghosts.

Sex odds were as follows:

2.0 Black Pewters het Ghost
0.1 Pastel het Ghost
0.1 Black Pastel het Ghost
2.0 Het Ghosts


I'm not sure how I feel about this, because I'm not sure if I wanted a male or female Pewter het Ghost, or what I really want to hold back, if anything.

So there they are!

I really like how the Black Pewters look, I've actually never hatched out any before. They have all been Cinnamon Pewters.

And speaking of Ghosts...

Here is the Pastel Orange Ghost I hatched out, as well as Mister Awesome, the tiny little Pastel het Ghost male.

I really like how the POG turned out! I think he is gorgeous, and will get better with time. It's going to be fun watching him grow until he finds a new home.

This is true also of Mister Awesome, although he is already spoken for. He needs to bulk up a little before I will be ready to send him anywhere, for fear of his being broken.

So there it is for now. Next clutch out is a bunch of Lemonblasts, I hope. We shall see how that goes, but until then, I hope to be able to finally touch on the topics that people have been asking about. I promise, I haven't forgotten.

Have a fantastic day, my friends.

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Jackie M. said...

Mister Awesome's head is almost as big as the POG's head.