Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Show Pics


I apologize for my slacking yesterday. There was just too much to do and not enough time, and I didn't get to the blog before I about passed out.

So here we go.

Tri-Stripe! Still holding that $20k price tag, my friends... Lets see what happens with it in the next few years, eh?

My TSK Snow... Not really, but that should have been in an egg somewhere in my incubator, dangit.

A Lavender Albino and the True Ghost. That thing is amazing... I will have to begin projects on it ASAP.

Super cool bug dealies.. They were real (but dead)!

My beloved Mojave Pied... One of these days, my pretties, one of these days.

My friend Jeff Luman was at the show, and took out the Spinnerfly that he produced this year. It is HOT!

And a Pastel Jigsaw...

And a bunch of Ghost awesomeness.

And I just had to take pictures of this guy cause he was watching me...

Next door was the Aquarium and Pond expo, as well as the Pet Expo. We went thru them all, but didn't take many pictures, other than this happy guy, and the only other snakes we found at the other place.

Yes, this is a rattlesnake. It was actually being displayed by my friend Karen Singleton, who actually trained my Regal back in the day. She teaches Rattlesnake avoidance to dogs with these critters, apparently. I had no idea! It was pretty cool, I have to say.

So there you are, my friends. A clutch of Het Genetic Stripes popped out last night as well, so another female disproven as of today.

Oh well. 3.3 G-Stripe hets, my friends...

And the Pastel Yellowbelly clutch came out on Saturday.

1.0 Pastel Yellowbelly, 1.0 Yellowbelly, 0.2 Pastels, 0.1 Normal

Yes indeedy.

And already the POG x Black Pastel Clutch is pipping. I'm not expecting anything to pop out until at least Wednesday.

And just for your own knowledge, should you choose to call me, my phone is currently on the fritz. I cannot see incoming calls, make outgoing calls, I basically can't see the screen. Hopefully that will be remedied today or tomorrow.

Have a fantastic day, my friends.

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