Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Clutch #35: A Mystery

I did a lot of Mystery Clutches this year.


I'm going to be honest with you all, my friends.

I was lazy.

Breeding things to Normals, its pretty simple as to what you can expect, other than recessives.

So, I threw all of my co-dom males at the Normals that I didn't have specific plans for.

And with that, the Mystery Clutches were born.

Normals coiled around eggs is a beautiful sight, no matter what is in those coils or eggs.

I LOVE the beehive look.

Looks super cool, don't you think?

This female has been with me for a long time, and she is an excellent mother.

Even after I pulled her tub and got ready for egg extraction, she was not having any of it. She was coiled around those suckers TIGHT.

But being bigger and with opposable thumbs, I prevailed in acquiring what I had set out to get.

Six big eggs from a gal that has always been trustworthy to produce.

Not sure what's in them thar eggs, but I know I'll be happy with them as long as they hatch out healthy, (Males or not)!

And the other clutches that are hatching as of now are pretty interesting.

Pastel het Pied to Het Pied has given me ONE pied, one which I believe to be a Pastel Pied, but we shall see. THIS is one of the only times I will hope for a male this season.


Pastel Lesser to Pastel is very misleading, as most things in the egg are bright and yellow, so I'm not assuming anything.

And the G-Stripe to Poss Het proves to be a dud, so she is officially now a Normal.

Now, I know I promised some other topics soon. I am working on them, including photos of said topics. It's kinda hard pinning down a ball python's head upside-down and getting good focus without losing something in the process. And as I am cleaning, I will take pictures of the room again for those who are interested.

PLUS, babies have shed out, new things to be put up on the availability page, and hopefully a few new babies to share in the next few days.

So until then, have a fantastic day, my friends.

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