Monday, August 2, 2010

Hatchlings galore...

Well, this weekend was busy, as much of the summer usually is. We spent some time in Santa Monica, and I took some pictures of what Southern California is like in the summer time.

I liked this picture because not only does it show the crap ton of people on the beach, but I got the gull in the photo too.


And a more updated close up of the crap ton of people...

And we were on the pier, and here are some rides that they have. I love random shots of fun stuff.


So there you go.

Here are the hatchlings that happened over the weekend.

Here are the Het Caramels from the Poss Het that didn't prove out.

5.1 100% Het Caramels.... Sausage fest.

Here are the Het Albinos from the Het that didn't prove out.

4.2 100% Het Albinos... Sausage Fest. 

And here is the group of animals from the Het that DID prove out.

1.0 Pastel Ghost
1.0 Pastel het Ghost
2.0 100% Het Ghost


You remember the little runty egg?

Here he is!

He is a tiny 22grams, and I love him to death!

But with all the sausage fest that I am having, I'm honestly a little annoyed.

I love boys, I really do, but this is getting ridiculous....

So we continue our quest for hatchlings, and hopefully we will get some females again soon.

I will touch on the topics that have been requested in the next few days.

Have a fantastic day, my friends.


Jackie M. said...

Heeeeaaaather! Your little snake is trying to kill me with his cute!

Jackie M. said...

Also, that is an awesome shot with the seagull.