Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Update with Heather Wong

So things did hatch, and things are being addressed, and it was a good weekend overall!

Every weekend, I wish that it was longer.

I really think I need a vacation, is the bottom line here...

But there is no rest for the wicked.

So here we go, my friends.

The Caramel clutch hatched, and we have one out of four. 

He's a boy, of course. But he is almost perfect! No kinks anywhere but at the very very tip of his tail.

I like him!

The other hets are all girls! THIS is the type of clutch I like!

And of course, the other clutch hatched as well.

Three eggs, one Pied, ALL GIRLS.

I love it.

That pied is awesome too, I really like her.

And with that, the rest of the clutches are in the incubators. I turned off one, but two others are still going strong.

I use Big Apple Herp incubators, and here you have a picture of my setup.

I use proportional thermostats to run them, 6qt tubs with vermiculite and Press and Seal on the top, and lots of love.

They are on top of each other to save space, so yes, this is two incubators. They each hold 12 6qt tubs.

Questions? Feel free to ask!

So as of right now, the Pastel het Genetic Stripes are hatching out, as well as a Mystery clutch and the Cinnamon het Pieds. Lots of interesting things, but nothing to really speak of other than they are cutting the eggs.

We will know in a few more days what the situation is.

So until then, I will field any questions, get some things done, and hope that you all have a fantastic day, my friends!

Count down to the NARBC Anahiem.. 13 days. WOOHOO!!!

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Jackie M. said...

When the caramel unwinds sometime, can you snap a pic of his tail? I've heard the tail-tip kinking is much more common than mid-body kinks, but I've never seen it.

Hooray for girls!