Friday, August 6, 2010

I am so behind...

I have not had enough time in the day, my friends.

I really need a day of catch up, and I have yet to acquire it.

But, here we are, Friday, and I really hope to be able to get things in gear for this weekend, which is a Snake show here in LA called the LA Pet Expo. Should be a good one, and I will be there wandering around on Sunday. If you see me, stop and say Hi!

But before that day happens, and before the weekend arrives, I have to get my butt in gear and show you all some of the babies that hatched out these last couple of days.

Let us begin with the Pastel het Pied to Het Pied clutch.

1.0 Pastel Pied
1.2 Pastel 66% poss het Pied
2.0 66% poss het Pied


Here are the boys

My very super excited to have Boy

And the Girls

So there we have it.

And of course, there is this clutch...

I'm going to be very honest with you all. I have no idea what is in here other than a Super Pastel Lesser male, some Pastel Lessers and maybe some Lessers, and a Normal.

Boys on the bottom, Females on the top. 3.2

I am waiting until these guys shed to make the call on this one.. Unless for some godforsaken amazing reason I may have not hit on any Lessers (or Pastel Lessers), I'm going to wait it out.

If you have a guess, please feel free to share.

And then this guy pops out of the Pastel Yellowbelly to Normal clutch. I know what this guy is, and yes, he is a BOY.

Pastel Yellowbelly number one to hatch out this year.

He's a hottie!

And, to not spare you the gory details, here is Clutch #36

This female waited until the LAST minute to do anything about anything, and I was really actually expecting some slugs out of this one. She was doing NOTHING for a while, so I let her do that. But, she came thru and laid these gems.

Yes, this is my Albino Pinstripe project attempt. Lets hope that I can see some results from this clutch with some actual LemonBlasts...

Fingers crossed.

Have a fantastic weekend, my friends, and I hope to see you around on Sunday!

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