Friday, August 27, 2010

Oldies but Goodies, and Newbies


I am glad for the weekend, as I am almost caught up on everything, although I need to get a few more things finished before I can say that I can relax and take new pictures and sit in the snake room, sipping a cocktail. That rarely happens, but it happens.

Anyway,  I was going thru the holdback rack, and I realized that one of everyone's favorite runty snake is still super runty. I wanted to share how runty she is to those who are not familiar with her.

May I reintroduce Frog.

She is a 50% Poss het Clown female I hatched out in 2008.

She is the one next to the Pastel Pied.

She only weighs around 250 grams. No matter what I do, she still stays runty. She is a VERY picky eater, but she does eat. I've moved her around to try and stimulate her feeding response, and right now that means that she is in the 2010 holdback rack in a 6qt tub.


She's a small one.

And because I took a picture of the Pastel Pied out, I wanted to get an individual photo as well.

He's so preeeeetty!

And new things are still hatching. I apparently struck gold on this Spinnerblast clutch. I have two out, and one still in the egg.

This gal came out last night after I took the photo.

So I have 1.1 Spinnerblasts now, and 0.0.1 Spinnerblast in the egg.

What else is in the clutch?

0.1 Spinner
0.0.1 Spider
0.1.1 Pinstripe


And, to top it all off, one of my Poss Het Females has proven out to be Het for Caramel, apparently.

Yeah, so that is a really crappy photo of a Caramel in the egg. I am concerned about its health, being prone to kinks and all, but we shall see. This will be my first Caramel I have ever hatched out, so lets see what happens!

So this weekend will be a hatching weekend, and on Monday I will have more photos, I hope.

Have a fantastic weekend, my friends!

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rex said...

is that what they call a striped pied?