Wednesday, August 25, 2010

That shouldn't be there...

Well, I finally have had a chance to take some requested pictures, and we will touch on this topic today.

That shouldn't be there...

The topic of the blog, and you wonder, what are you talking about, Heather?

Well, I have a female that has had ever since I have had her (or since I noticed, and I have had her for four years or so...) holes that do not belong where they are placed.

This is a photo that I took a year ago of under the chin heat pits, so to speak.

They are not heat pits from what I can see (aka no functionality), but they are holes for sure, in a distinct pattern, similar to heat pits.

Again, a photo from last year...

Now I am not sure exactly what caused them, and I know that none of my animals have them but this gal, so at this point it is a mystery.

This is a recent pic, taken last night.

They are still there! Not as deep or obvious, but they are still there.

This is something I've been watching for a while since I've noticed it, so there it is. It shouldn't be there, it is there, and I'm not sure why they are there.

She has always been housed in an enclosed tub with no ridges to rub on, always on Sanichips, and never been a problem other than a picky eater.

So... What do you all think it is?

I'm somewhat stumped.

But so we will watch and wait and learn, eh?

Should be interesting. She has yet to be bred as well, so let us see if next year she passes this on to her progeny?

I can name it the Bottom Lip Ball.

Yeah, maybe not.

Anyway, I took a picture of one of the Black Pewter het Hypo males I hatched out. He's going to be a holdback.

I like how busy and weird the Black Pewters are. I'm used to seeing the smooth patterns of the Cinnies, and this just throws me for a loop in a good way. I want more of them!

He should be an awesome breeder, and I can't wait to get him up to size and throw him into a bevy of Ghost gals. Hypo Black Pewters, here I come!

Have a fantastic day, my friends.


Jackie M. said...

I think you should find a male with a similar chin, breed them together, and see if you get any true chin heat pits out of them! *nods*

Royal Morphz said...

Heather you do have a certain Mojave het Extreme Hypo that has them lol. I know because you showed me them when she was mine.